For couples who want results, these accelerated marriage and relationship coaching programs bring your relationship front and center, with cutting edge components that expedite your success.

Intimacy Revival™ 

7 Pillars that Strengthen Intimacy for Life

The Intimacy Revival™ Program is a personalized, integrative program that combines cutting edge research in therapy and coaching to help you raise intimacy to it’s highest level. This program is for you if you thrive on multiple ways of learning, love “homework” and want to dive deeply into your love and sex life. Participants love this time-limited, full immersion experience that offers concrete tools to practice immediately.

Through a wholistic lens, the Intimacy Revival™ Program focuses exclusively on strengthening your emotional, physical and sexual intimacy. Carolynn teaches you the 7 essential pillars all couples need to know to feel confident, energized and secure in their relationship and most importantly, in yourselves as partners.

Intimacy Revival™ will help you:

  • Learn how to communicate clearly so that you are not only heard but understood
  • Understand how male and female gender impacts intimate connection
  • Receive relationship tools that cover the most critical areas that block couples from sustaining intimacy
  • Stop feeling pressured, rejected, angry and frustrated
  • Reinvigorate your affection through touch exercises
  • Decrease sexual tension
  • Sustain emotional connection, physical affection and sexual energy for life
  • Program includes therapy sessions, audio recordings, a work book and unlimited email access to your therapist for S.O.S. moments

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Intimacy Revival Program?

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Affair Recovery

For Couples Who Want to Stay Together

Do affairs signal an end or a beginning? When your bottom has dropped out from under you, you feel devastated, confused, angry, sad and insecure. At the same time, you may still love each other. These emotions can feel deeply conflicting. Staying together can almost feel shameful yet you both know in your hearts that do not want to part. Successful affair recovery requires expert guidance and most importantly, the light of hope.

The Affair Recovery program literally provides you the map you need to move through your affair recovery journey. Carolynn has drawn from the most cutting edge research on relationships and affairs to guide you through this painful relationship challenge. Ideal for couples who want to repair, grow and transform.

The Affair Recovery Program will help you:

  • Receive a concrete, detailed roadmap on how to repair after the affair
  • Develop the unique skill sets required for both the involved partner and the betrayed partner
  • Strengthen your ability to manage and stay present to affair triggers and flashbacks
  • Learn how to talk about the affair constructively
  • Establish safety and trust on a daily basis
  • Learn how to reconnect physically and sexually
  • Work with an expert who holds your hand during the rock bottom of your relationship
  • Program includes therapy sessions, audio recordings, a workbook and unlimited access to your therapist for S.O.S. moments

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Affair Recovery Program?

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