The loss of intimacy can make any couple feel frustrated and empty.

Allow me to guide you to a place that is more alive and fulfilling.

This live webinar series will walk couples through my four-part holistic process to create

increased connection, healthy communication and sustained chemistry.

You each have your own, unique story. This is not a one-size-fits-all-solution but offers guidance,

insights, and a framework for understanding how intimacy works and steps you can take to bring it back.

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Webinar Curriculum and Schedule

4 Weekly Modules, 1 hour-long live presentations along with opportunities for Q&A,

do-able assignments to complete in between lessons + inspirational videos

Module 1: Prep Week

Online Video February 14, 2018: Introductory Video + handout

This video teaches you how this E-Course works. It also gives you a chance to shift

your mindset away from anger, scarcity or resentment to openness, abundance and hope.

Use this time to tune into your purpose, intentions and goals individually and as a couple.

Module 2: Emotional Intimacy

Live Presentation February 21, 2018: The Paradox of Intimacy

Intimacy is the life-blood of adult romantic relationships. Emotional intimacy is

your ability to have honest self-expression and requires you to take risks. Learn why

and how couples become emotionally disconnected and the key steps all couples need to take

to strengthen emotional connection.

Module 3: Physical Intimacy

Live Presentation February 28, 2018: The Overlooked Bridge

When intimacy becomes uncertain, all physical touch seems to cease between couples.

Even non-sexual touch becomes unsafe and non-existent. Yet non-sexual touch serves as the bridge

between emotional and sexual connection. Learn how to define, re-establish and physically reconnect

with your partner even if it’s been a long time since you’ve done so.

Module 4: Sexual Intimacy

Live Presentation March 7, 2018: Reignite Passion!

Sex has a way of shifting from natural and organic to uninspiring and even awkward.

This results in couples questioning themselves and asking, “What’s wrong with us?”.

In this final hour, you will learn how to bring back sexual energy as well as

integrate the concepts of sexual communication, simmering, foreplay and novelty.

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What you will learn…

This course is designed to help guide you toward truly understanding the role of intimacy in your relationship –

how you get stuck and the best ways to remove the blocks toward more fulfilling connection.

You will learn helpful guidelines to:

Strengthen verbal communication

Start meaningful, honest conversations about “us”

Decrease blame and increase personal responsibility

Redefine your physical connection

Discover how to turn your sex life back on

Understand how emotional, physical and sexual connection depend on each other.

Intimacy Requires “Two”

Relationships comprise more than one person.

While you can try to work on intimacy as an individual, I encourage you to embark on this journey together.

We’ll even include a FREE sign-up for your partner!

Join me in this dynamic series for only $497!

Use the discount code “earlysignup” to save 50% through December 31st!

Why Carolynn?

As an Intimacy Breakthrough Specialist, Carolynn helps you breakthrough the barriers

that keep you from achieving your highest relationship potential.

As Founder of CIR, Carolynn creates innovative services to meet the diverse needs of couples,

from E-Courses to full immersion programs. With more than 20 years of personal and

professional experience, Carolynn helps couples tap into the heart and soul of intimacy.

“Just when we thought we couldn’t turn things around, we found Carolynn Aristone. We cannot thank her enough for helping us bring our intimacy back. She made us feel safe talking about private things like our sex life. We are forever grateful”.

~ Married Couple


Who is this series for?

For any couple who wants to deepen their intimate connection.

Will the webinars be recorded? 

Yes. Each webinar will be recorded and available through our membership portal.

Will I be able to interact with Carolynn directly? 

Participants will be able to send in their questions ahead of time. Carolynn will use these questions to guide the content of the series.

Can I do this series on my own or does my partner need to be involved? 

While you can receive the information from this series as an individual, intimacy requires an “other” so that you can practice the intimacy exercises together.

Will you tell me what to do next in my specific situation?

Each story is unique. This course offers you a guide that gives you language, context, insights and frameworks into what healthy intimacy looks like and how to create it or re-establish it with your partner.

This course is not therapy. I will provide further information for “what to do next” in our final presentation.
Will the live presentations be recorded?

Yes. All video recordings and course materials will be available to you through our Togetherness U learning portal so that you may watch at your convenience.

Can I still submit my questions if I cannot attend the live session?

All participants are welcome to submit questions to Carolynn’s team throughout the series. Directions on how to do so will be shared after enrollment.

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