Love Sustained

What happens when therapy ends?

Love Sustained is our most popular relationship and marriage counseling service! Available to our therapy graduates, this program alleviates the “what if’s” associated with completing therapy.

  • What if we fall back into our old habits?
  • What if we become disconnected?
  • What if we stop having sex?
  • What if we lose our spark again?

Love Sustained members commit to four therapy “check-in” sessions for brush-ups, fine-tuning and confirmation that you have integrated the work into your relationship. We highly recommend that you spread these sessions out over the course of 12 months. Many of our clients come in once per quarter.

You can renew Love Sustained year after year. Saying “yes” to Love Sustained also says, “You matter”. “Our love is important to me”. “I’m in!”

Love Sustained Four Session Discounted Annual Package: $600

This series is only available for those who graduate The Deepening Conscious Relationship Therapy and our Whole Intimacy Platinum Relationship Programs.

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