The Intimacy Challenge

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What’s In This Course?

You will learn how to strengthen the three planes of your relationship through a series of:

  • Fun experiential intimacy exercises
  • 3 live teaching components
  • Live anonymous Q&A
  • Downloadable handouts
  • Optional one on one calls with me (program add-on)

Strengthening your emotional and sexual connection with your partner on a secure online dashboard in the privacy of your own home.

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Carolynn Aristone, Founder
Intimacy Breakthrough Specialist



  • Feeling more energized and understood
  • Feeling more passionate about your relationship
  • Having personal guide through your relationship challenges


In this course, you will receive direct, actionable feedback, cutting edge information and solutions on modern relationships.

Ready to move beyond mediocre and gain greater intimacy in your relationship?

The Intimacy Challenge is designed for you and your partner to explore, enhance, create and sustain a passionate, fulfilling relationship.


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