I Have A Confession To Make

I Have A Confession To Make

We have an exciting new program launching this February! But before I can share it with you, I must confess my love-hate relationship to Valentine’s Day. Historically, when the month of February rolled around, I mocked this candy-heart, over-priced holiday, drenched with commercialism and all too expensive cards. However, in recent years, I’ve turned over a new leaf and embraced this cupid-adorning holiday.

Yes, it is a commercial success. I acknowledge that. But what greater celebration is there than that of love? Our mistake lies in limiting this celebration to one day. When we do this, we experience the social pressures of every other holiday to be over-the-top on this one day, almost to make up for all the days we neglect our partners.

If we forget about all the sappy Hallmark commercials, we might actually be able to enjoy our holiday. Even better, we might be able to extend intimacy beyond February 14th. Do not misunderstand me. I support that little extra somethin’ you may want to plan this holiday. Playing the romance card on Valentine’s Day can be fun. Just remember that we sustain love in our relationships through consistent, conscious loving attention.

That’s where our program comes in. We will soon invite you join the 28 Day Intimacy Challenge! We believe that love, intimacy, affection, adoration and care need demonstration daily, not annually. We want to support you in raising your relationship to the highest levels of fulfillment. Twenty eight days of intimacy seems like a great start!

When you join our 28 Day Intimacy Challenge, you will receive a daily intimacy postcard in your email for 28 days. These short and sweet postcards will provide daily inspirations and specific exercises to implement on that day.  It all begins on February 14, 2015!

Intimacy and connection can be yours… keep an eye out for our special invitation! If you can’t wait for the invite, simply go to our website and join through our pop-up box!



Carolynn Aristone
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